Our Attorneys Work for Fathers Seeking Fair Child Support

In the recent past, mothers were the spouses most commonly granted sole custody of children. It was also typical that fathers paid child support to the mother. However, with the assistance of the father’s rights movement, fathers now have the chance to seek spousal support, get sole custody of children and get granted fair visitation rights; in other words, to be treated fairly in a court of law.

However, fathers’ rights is still a relatively new area of law, and while the court will rule in the best interest of the child or children in question, you still need a New York fathers’ rights attorney to assert your rights as a father and ensure that you are treated fairly in regards to your children.

Serving the Bronx, Westchester County, and Metropolitan New York, the attorney Mark Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein works to preserve your relationship with your children and reach a fair outcome to your child support case. He has extensive experience representing fathers in matters of child support, and he can help you reach a fair child support payment, no matter whether you are paying the support, or receiving it.

How is Child Support Determined?

Child support is determined by taking the adjusted gross income of the parents and applying a fixed percentage, depending on the number of children, to determine the child support expected of each parent. Combined parental income is calculated by first subtracting social security and New York City taxes. The following are basic, but flexible, child support guidelines:

  • One child – 17% of combined parental income
  • Two children – 25% of combined parental income
  • Three children – 29% of combined parental income
  • Four children – 31% of combined parental income
  • Five or more children – 35% of combined parental income

The amount of support also can be adjusted based on such factors as day care costs, time spent with each parent, educational costs and medical expenses. NYC attorney Mark Bernstein from Siriano and Bernstein will look at each factor to make sure that the resulting payments are fair to the parents and the children involved, and will work to ensure that they are.

Protecting Fathers’ Rights in Cases of Child Support

For help in coming to a fair child support arrangement, contact Attorney Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein at 914-592-5000 or 718-823-2600 today. He helps fathers maintain their rights: let him help you, too.