Westchester & Bronx County Father’s Rights Lawyer Helps Fathers Seek Rights Protection in New York State

No one plans on getting divorced, but it happens, all too often. Divorce can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, and nowhere is this more evident than when a couple is figuring out the issue of child custody. Child custody is the crucial issue that a father will face when a divorce is looming. In the recent past, fathers’ rights hardly existed and mothers tended to get automatic custody of children, even if the father could provide a better home environment.

Today, courts in the State of New York have changed, and recognize that child custody decisions must be made based upon the best interests of the child, not stereotypes. However, fathers’ rights are still a relatively new area and attorneys that have experience in the area of father’s rights are necessary to help ensure that a father is given the same consideration as the mother in child custody and visitation cases.

Lawyer Mark Bernstein of Siriano and Bernstein has extensive experience in regards to child custody, child support and visitation issues. He works hard to help ensure that your rights as a father are protected in the face of your custody or visitation case. Serving Westchester, the Bronx, and Metropolitan New York, Attorney Bernstein of Siriano and Bernstein believes that fathers have every right to prove that they are as capable of providing a home, or even more so, than a mother, and that child custody rulings should not be based on gender, but on the ability to create a safe, loving home environment.

In the State of New York, if a father does not have a skilled and aggressive family lawyer on his side, too often the sole custody is awarded to the mother in the case of a divorce. Fathers should be considered in custody and visitation matters, as a father enhances the life of his children. Your child’s happiness depends on the outcome of your child custody matter, and it is crucial not to take chances in the battle to achieve the outcome you are hoping for: custody of your children.

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