New York Property Valuation Attorney Works with Divorce Cases to Settle Things Fairly

In a best case scenario, some divorces are straightforward matters. When both parties agree on the major issues, and if there are not significant assets or minor children, the divorce papers can be filed within a few days from the date of entering into a written settlement agreement. This, of course, can seem like a fantasy to most people beginning the process of divorce. In truth, most divorces don’t come about so easily.

When it comes to separating assets or dividing property, things can get tricky. If a divorce involves substantial marital estates with business interests or extensive property, or a family home is behind on mortgage payments, or you and your spouse disagree on many matters, you may foresee a long litigation process. Whatever the case may be, you need a Westchester, NY law firm that can work with you to make all of these details get resolved easily. Serving the Bronx, Westchester, and Metropolitan New York, Siriano and Bernstein’s Attorney Mark F. Bernstein has extensive experience dealing with making sure that assets and property are properly valuated and distributed fairly.

Bronx, NY Property Valuation and Divorce Lawyer

Some of the most complex issues in any divorce is when one or both spouses own a business, operates a professional practice own real estate, or if complex assets such as pensions, stocks and bonds are part of the marital estate. These things can become part of a lengthy battle if you don’t have the right law firm on your side. The property valuation lawyer Bernstein at NYC’s Siriano and Bernstein can help you with the business valuation or property valuation process. Once he has determined what a business or piece of property is worth, he can help you reach a property distribution arrangement that accomplishes your objectives as quickly as possible.

If You Have To Go to Court

Sometimes, litigation is the only way to resolve the issues in a divorce. If you and your spouse have major disagreements about factors such as child support, child custody and visitation, property distribution and maintenance, you need a law firm who will be able to argue your side aggressively and effectively during the litigation process.

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