Get peace of mind with a prenuptial agreement

For couples soon-to-be married, a prenuptial agreement can help guarantee that, if the time ever arises, they, and not the courts, will choose to whom property resides. Prenuptial agreements can be drafted quickly and easily, providing a genuine sense of monetary security.

Prenuptial Agreements


This most likely is a sensitive subject during a time of rejoicing. These agreements can be customized with solid lines drawn in the sand, or clauses changing the parameters of the elements over the years. Which ever you decide, knowing that in today’s world, Prenuptial Agreements are common, if not standard practice, to both young and old.

A majority of our practice is preparing — and delicately proposing — responsible agreements for engaged couples both young and old.

You are a candidate for a Prenuptial Agreement if you want protection of:

  • Inheritance
  • Net Worth
  • Assets and Appreciation of Assets
  • Disputes in the future in the event of a Divorce
  • Categorize Marital and Separate Properties

Well-drafted Prenuptial agreements require a thorough outline of your financials.  Decades of experience enabled us to provide, you, the client an easy format speeding up the processing. You can get the list at our office, or download here before you come in:  What you need for your prenuptial formation – DOWNLOAD this checklist >


Contact us today and book your appointment. We would like to believe that marriage lasts forever, but the reality is that everyone needs protecting yourself for the unforeseeable. The law exists to prepare and insulate you from unpleasant situations in the event that a divorce happens.