Metropolitan New York Mixed Use Real Estate Attorney Works with Clients in Acquisition and Contracts

For companies or individuals that are seeking to purchase real estate in Westchester or in the greater NYC area, the task can seem nearly insurmountable. The hoops to jump through, the paperwork, and the potential for things to fall apart make entering into any real estate business transaction a potential minefield. Don’t let the complications of the acquisition of mixed use and multi-unit residential real estate intimidate you or cost you more than it should: contact the skilled and experienced New York real estate attorney Mark F. Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein to help you make your real estate transactions a success. Serving Westchester County, the Bronx, and Metropolitan New York, the real estate lawyer Mark F. Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein has extensive experience helping thousands of people successfully deal with real estate matters in the state of New York: let him help you, too.

What Attorney Bernstein Can Do For You

Siriano and Bernstein’s Attorney Bernstein represents businesses and individuals in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. This includes purchases, sales and leases of single and multi-family homes, commercial and mixed-use buildings, and individual condominium and co-op apartment units.

  • Commercial real estate: Siriano and Bernstein work with clients in commercial real estate matters, including the acquisition or sale of commercial real estate, negotiating and drafting leases, and reviewing contracts and financing agreements
  • Residential real estate: Siriano and Bernstein represent clients buying or selling multi-family apartment buildings, primary residences and vacation homes, including condominiums, co-op apartments and vacant land.


Attorney Bernstein of Siriano and Bernstein understands the importance of meticulously drafting and reviewing every element of your mixed use and multi-unit contract. Contracts are hugely important, and they govern the operation of every commercial and residential real estate transaction. Real estate contract attorney Mark Bernstein can help ensure that all of the contracts involved in your real estate transaction are in perfect order, assisting you with the drawing up of contracts, reviewing contracts with you, and aggressively litigating if the other party violates the contract.

Skilled New York Real Estate Attorney

Buying or selling a mixed use or multi-unit residence in the State of New York can be a tricky undertaking. Make it all easier on yourself and your corporation by hiring the experienced legal services of Mark F. Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein. With experience and a proven rate of success, he can help you with the acquisition and contract review you need to move forward in your real estate transaction. Call him today at 718-823-2600.