Westchester County High Net Worth Divorce Attorney Seeks Justice for Clients

Divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. Not only is splitting up a family and coping with child custody potentially painful, but there are also the issues of dealing fairly with comingled property and finances that add to the difficulty of disentangling two lives. If extensive assets are part of the mix, it can become a very complicated matter when you and your spouse are considering divorce.

If you or your spouse have control of significant assets, property, bonds, stocks or you own a business either separately or together, it is absolutely necessary you speak with the Westchester, NY high net worth divorce attorney Mark F. Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein as soon as possible. Attorney Bernstein will work to make certain that his clients receive the justice and fairness they deserve.

Your right to certain assets must be protected, and as a New York high wealth attorney with extensive experience, Attorney Bernstein of Siriano and Bernstein is skilled and experienced in handling every kind of high net worth case. As a high net worth lawyer, he understands that additional care and attention is required in such situations, and he will work devotedly to ensure that your rights are protected and your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.

What Attorney Bernstein Will Do For You

Westchester County, NY high net worth divorce lawyer Mark F. Bernstein of Siriano and Bernstein will work strenuously, with patience and perseverance, to meet and exceed his clients’ needs. Not only is he dedicated to providing you with excellent service, but he has the skill and know-how to protect your assets in even the most contentious circumstances.

Whenever possible, he does his utmost to resolve divorce cases amicably, outside of the courtroom. However, Attorney Bernstein knows that sometimes things cannot be easily resolved outside of court, especially in cases of high net worth divorce. If this is the case, the New York high wealth attorney Mark F. Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein will work to protect your rights in a court of law. He is a skilled and aggressive litigator that will firmly defend your rights and advocate for your interests.

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When the stakes are high, you need the best possible Westchester County divorce attorney you can find. Westchester, NY’s experienced high net worth lawyer Mark F. Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein is the lawyer you have been searching for. To discuss your high net worth divorce, contact Attorney Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein at 914-592-5000 or 718-823-2600.