Westchester County Family Law Firm Can Help Modify Your Divorce Agreement to Fit Your Family Situation

White Plains NY Divorce Attorney Experienced in Divorce Agreement Modification

Life does not always proceed according to plan, and families going through transition often require a change in orders, either as permanent or temporary divorce agreement modifications. Sometimes post-divorce disputes can be settled amicably, while others require legal assistance to resolve. In New York State, motions for modification can be made to either the Supreme Court or Family Court, depending upon the circumstances of your case.

Why are Divorce Agreements Modified?

Most divorce modifications are the result of significant life changes to one party, such as a job loss, a job-related relocation, an illness, or substance abuse issues. Just as with the original divorce agreement, you and your attorney will need to work with your former partner and the court to create a change or modification of your divorce agreement that the court will be able to approve. To be successful, post-divorce modifications require a substantial change in circumstances.

The two most common reasons for a divorce agreement modification are:

  • Children, whose needs have changed significantly due to physical or emotional abuse of the child, alcohol or drug abuse by the parent, an increased need for visitation/parenting time, or relocation to another state
  • Money, based upon a substantial increase or decrease in parental income, illness, disability, job loss, or a change in the financial needs of the child or ex-spouse

Post-divorce modification is often at the court’s discretion and can be complicated. For these reasons, it is usually best to have the assistance of an attorney experienced in divorce agreement modifications. The lawyers at Siriano & Bernstein P.C. have been guiding families in New York State through the process for more than two decades. Contact us online, or call 718-823-2600 to schedule a consultation with one of our family law attorneys today.