NY Child Support Attorney Assists Families in Enforcement Child Support

Divorce and the separation of any long term partnership is a painful experience: besides the upheaval and change of a family’s situation, there are often emotional, financial and physical stresses involved. One of the most stressful can be the tedious task of making the financial arrangements to share in the care of children.

But determining child support doesn’t have to be stressful. Serving the Bronx, Westchester and Metropolitan New York, the Family Law Attorney Mark F. Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein works with your family during the child support process, setting up a fair payment arrangement and making sure that it is followed.

Unfortunately, however, all too often a parent who has been ordered to pay child support doesn’t do it. Not obeying the court’s orders has drastic negative effects on the children involved, who not only have lost the security of a unified family, but are now suffering from financial want. Thankfully, there are a number of penalties for parents that refuse to pay child support in the state of New York.

The skilled and compassionate Bronx child support lawyer Mark F. Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein works diligently with parents to ensure that child support payments will be met, and if they aren’t, and arrears have accumulated, Attorney Bernstein ensures that child support enforcement processes are commenced.

Child Support Enforcement

There are harsh punishments for parents who are behind on their past due payments, also called “arrears”, punishments that make life difficult for those who attempt to disobey the court’s order to provide for their child. Child Support Enforcement will come after a delinquent parent, taking actions which include notifying the parent when a payment is missed, suspending/flagging a passport so out of country travel is impossible, suspending driver licenses, freezing wages, and many other ways to make certain that the parent pay for his or her child.

Attorney Mark F. Bernstein of Siriano and Bernstein emphasizes that paying child support in a timely fashion avoids all of these difficult consequences and works hard to ensure that both parents are following the court’s orders. This guarantees that the child is receiving the financial support that he or she needs for a happy and healthy childhood.

Attorney Mark F. Bernstein for Sound, NYC Legal Counsel

Don’t let a “deadbeat” parent prevent your child from receiving the financial assistance he or she deserves: contact New York Child Support Enforcement Attorney Mark F. Bernstein at Siriano and Bernstein today at 718-823-2600 or 914-592-5000.