The Law Offices of Siriano and Bernstein serve with the care, precision and dedication expected of expert litigators.

The Law Offices of Siriano and Bernstein serve the members of the communities of Westchester & Bronx Counties with the care, precision, and dedication expected of expert litigators. With decades of experience, our attorneys are hand-picked.  Our firm specializes their talents into litigating within main areas in which we see a demand — Divorce & Family Law,  Real Estate and Criminal Defense.

Common approach

Although the senior attorneys have separate legal interests and different practice areas, they share a common approach to the practice of law. The firm has grown and continues to train on the following essential principles:

  • Every case is approached with in-depth research ensuring a high percentage of wins and higher than standard settlements
  • Intangibles, such as support of the advancement of a spouse during a marriage, is assigned value strengthening family law cases
  • It is our obligation to translate information from the courts — or of the law—, frequently, and in comprehensible terms, for which clients can understand and act upon
  • Part of the job of an attorney in these areas of law, is to be sensitive and help dissipate emotions ensuring clearer thinking in order for clients to make future-altering, better decisions
  • Using decades of successful cases to steer future approaches

Here is more on each of our Senior Attorneys:

We are here for your legal representation needs. Contact us by email or call us at 718-823-2600 and 914-592-5000 to schedule a consultation ($175 fee is applied or Divorce & Family Law initial consultations which is then discounted from your bill if retained in your case).